Are you a Crafter or Maker and selling your crafts online?


Do Your Craft Research better – See Video For Details


Knowing which of your product is in demand is a huge advantage.

One Vital Piece Of Information

All I want you to think about is this simple fact

This course is 23 videos long and teaches you how to be very certain that the craft market that you are in – works 

It does not matter if you are a brand new crafter or one who (like myself) has crafted for 40 years, everybody gets to benefit from knowing which niche or sub niche in their possible craft skills will see the most products.

If you ever plan to sell what you make, then this course could be over $1000 and still be a bargain.

Why Should You Get A Copy?

Well if you only increase your turnover by 30% with a small change to your range, you will be a massive winner.

Now what if you triple your turnover, with small tweaks or even massive craft product changes.

Now go down and look at my price for this knowledge and decide for yourself, how much is this information worth?

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See what research methods are covered in the course.

What Do You Get In The Course?

  • A Total of 23 videos that cover the research of crafts from old fashioned brainstorming, to real craft markets and a lot of online properties are used.
  • The research is all free and will only take a bit of work from your end.
  • There is no need for you to be experienced either at crafting or at things like online skills.
  • I show you some very obvious ways of researching the potential of a craft market, and show you some obscure methods that all add up to a solid core of information that you get shown here in the course.
  • The research methods I cover in the videos include how to research properly at a physical craft market
  • How to research via magazines
  • How to research in Malls
  • How to do keyword research to see what the whole world is actually looking for
  • How to See which products are selling the best in your chosen niche – on the popular Craft selling sites
  • It is this intense level of research that will show you what you should be selling – not what you would like to sell. Hopefully, they are the same thing.

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Updated research is done on request and added to the course.


There are a few bonus videos added with me showing a few 2021 shortcut keyword research methods I use when I need to target a specific item during my research phase.


How to kickstart and use this information.

Plus I will add a “what to do next” video and another bonus.